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    We're a veteran owned company that specializes in all types of commercial and residential cleaning services.
    Our services covers all metropolitan area

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    We specialize in all types of commercial and residential cleaning services.
    Our services covers all metro-detroit area

Available 24/7

Front Line has 24/7 availability based on demand, and this goes hand in hand with continuing to build on our customer satisfaction philosophy.

Who we serve?

Front Line is happy to service from small residential to large commercial cleaning business, and we offer regular weekly, bi–weekly, and monthly scheduled services, as well as one–time and occasional cleanings.

Equipped and insured

If you are looking for a reliable cleaning company, look no further than Front Line Cleaning. Liability and Workman Comp insurance are available, and we have become a trusted name for all kinds of cleaning services in the metropolitan area.

About Us?

Front Line Cleaning Services

We are a veteran owned business and we are sure that we can cater for all your cleaning needs. Front Line is professional cleaning company offering all types of cleaning services in Commercial and Residential services such as Office Cleaning, Commercial Building Cleaning, Retail Cleaning, Hotel Cleaning, Bank Cleaning; our services covers all the metropolitan area. We are fully incurred and bonded for your protection. Front Line has the experience to deliver a top-quality service that is reliable and affordable to our clients. No job is too large or too small for us!

  • WHY Front Line?

    We offer innovative solutions and quality evaluated professionals who are reliable and skilled. Our experienced team offers industry-leading expertise in the areas of Cleaning. As a veteran business, we have remained true to our core values - commitment to delivering results and working to ensure long term trusted relationships with our clients.

  • Great Customer Care

    Here, at Front Line, we have so much faith in the quality of our services that    we have guaranteed.  We stay relevant and consistent in what we do by listening to our customers and tuning to their needs.

  • Michigan Based Company

    Front Line Cleaning Services is one of the most reliable and professional cleaning companies.  We offer a range of residential cleaning services and commercial cleaning services.  Front Line believes your work and living environments should be places you feel relaxed and comfortable in, so we ensure the highest quality of cleaning to create an organized and clean space for you

Services We Offer

  • Office Cleaning

    Front line Cleaning Services is proud to be local business' first resource for essential office cleaning services. We strive to keep your offices looking and feeling clean, healthy, and inviting for employees and clients alike. Our team understands that you want the best for your business. That is why we always green cleaning formulas that are safe for all surfaces, leaving your operation as safe as it is clean. Are you looking for a low-cost way to build morale and encourage productivity among your employees? Front line Cleaning Services team can help. Scheduled cleaning sessions are great ways to keep your workplace sanitary. When flu season approaches, your employees will appreciate our team's efforts at keeping your workplace germ free.

  • Commercial Building Cleaning

    First impressions are important, whether your business is in an office building, a retail store, a bank, or a hotel. Front line Cleaning has the people and the tools to keep your commercial building clean and looking its best. Front line Cleaning offers several types of commercial cleaning: General Office Cleaning Making sure the office environment is clean is important to the health of your employees and clients. Front line cleaning will insure the work area is a clean, safe place for everyone to spend their day.

    • Carpet vacuuming
    • Hard floor cleaning and polishing
    • Power Wash Cleaning
    • Restroom cleaning and sanitizing
    • Office equipment cleaning
  • Retail Cleaning

    Floors are the biggest challenge for many retail stores. They see a lot of foot traffic, so it is important that they are cleaned on a regular basis to make sure your store gives a good impression on potential customers. No matter the size of the store, ServiceMaster Clean© will keep it clean.

    • Floor Sweeping and mopping
    • Power wash floor cleaning
    • Floor Waxing
    • Window Cleaning
  • Hotel Cleaning

    Customers often base their opinions of your business by how it looks when they first arrive. A clean lobby is extremely important in the hospitality business. We have the professionals and the techniques to keep your hotel looking its best so travelers want to keep coming back.

    • Lobby and entryway cleaning
    • Lobby floor polishing
    • Power wash outdoor cleaning
  • Bank Cleaning

    It is very important for a bank to look professional. In order to look like a trustworthy institution, it needs to be clean. We will keep it looking sparkling clean with techniques and methods we have developed for years.

    • Floor cleaning and shining
    • Teller station cleaning
    • Window cleaning
    • Restroom cleaning and sanitizing

    No matter what type of commercial building you have, we can set up a cleaning schedule that works for you. Front line Cleaning will work around your daily or weekly schedule to insure you’re satisfactory.

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